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Fall Signature Cocktails to Make Your Big Day Extra Special

Setup for making fall cocktails
Making Fall Cocktails

As a fall bride, you are anything *but* ordinary so why not make your Dream Wedding even more unforgettable with a Signature Drink?

Whether you’re hiring a mobile bartender (*ahem*... Sips To Soirees) who could dream up something special or you create one of your own, here are some ideas on choosing a Signature Wedding Drink:

Match your color palette. Liquors, mixers, and garnishes come in all different colors. Finding the right combination of the 3 can result in the most picture perfect cocktails that match your wedding colors.

Think seasonal. Not only will it be easier to source ingredients, but it’s a great way to create a seasonal experience for your guests. For Example: floral notes for spring, citrusy for summer, spiced for fall, or a warm winter drink.

A sweet memory of you and your partner. Is there a drink that’s a favorite of you and your partner? Is there a cocktail that holds a special memory for the two of you?

I found this swoon-worthy selection of fall drinks you *have* to try (like the Spiced Maple Bourbon Fizz, you can find a list of the 25 Most Popular Fall Drinks over at Half Baked Harvest right here).


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