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225 Magazine Talks About Sips To Soirees

We are beyond excited that 225 Magazine posted about Sips. You can go straight to the article here:


New Baton Rouge events and rental company Sips To Soiree’s, which launched Sept. 1, this week rolled out the city’s first mobile wedding chapel. The chapel, named Mo’Belle Chapel, can be delivered to on-site locations for brides who want a smaller venue. The chapel can also be used as a unique backdrop for larger weddings, according to the company’s announcement. In addition to Mo’Belle Chapel, Sips To Soirees also provides mobile bartending services and other specialty event rentals including a retro camper tap bar and a horse trailer mobile bar. The company’s social media showcases how owner Amanda Moody transformed and refurbished the different rental pieces. For example, the mobile tap bar, named Bouncing Betty, is a renovated 1954 Shasta that also serves as a photo booth on the inside."

Mobile Wedding Chapel
Mo'Belle Chapel

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