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4 Ways To Add RED To Your Wedding

Oh, the color of love... Red.

But…is it taboo or not taboo (at weddings, that is)? That is the question. My grandma always had a saying, "I'd rather be dead than wear red to a wedding." Apparently, wearing red to a wedding was a big no no back in the day, and many people still shy away from it. Recently I heard that wearing a red dress to a wedding signified that you had a "previous relationship... *ahem*" with the groom.

Although you may want to shy away from wearing red to someone else's wedding, there's nothing that says you can't incorporate red into your wedding decor.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you may be inspired by all the traditional Valentine's Day colors, including red.

Some people believe that red symbolizes love, excitement, passion, and strength.

Other people say it’s an absolute faux pas and there’s no WAY you can have red at a wedding.

Can I tell you what I believe?

I believe that it’s your party and you can paint it any color you want!

I said what I said.

From fire engine red, to brilliant crimson, to deep luscious burgundy, it’s all good.

And you don’t have to go *all* in. If you’re feeling nervous, simply choose a few red accents.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the luxury of crimson, scarlet, ruby or cherry (or any hue in between) no matter what anyone else thinks.

1. Flowers:

Create an entire bouquet of timeless, elegant red roses or pair blooms with complimentary colors (consider soft white or contrast deep burgundy & blue hues).

Red Wedding Bouquet

2. Wedding party

Just like with your flowers, you can include as much - or as little - red as you want. Bridesmaids’ dresses can feature a pop of color or glam it up with head-to-toe red. Of course the groomsmen will look dashing with red accents (think ties & pocket squares).

Red Bridesmaids Dress

3. Decor

Centerpieces, table settings, and napkins look gorgeous in red and will help to pull your decor together.

Red Table Centerpieces

4. Makeup

Did someone say soft eyes and red lips? Say yes to a bold lip for a beautiful combo.

Red Wedding Lipstick

The bottom line? Don’t ever let *anyone* say you can’t do something at your wedding. Whether you adore red and want to splash it over your wedding, or abhor the color, it’s YOUR special day.

But now I'm curious - what do you think of including red at your wedding? Comment below and tell us what you really think!


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