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Looking to keep your wedding guests list as trim and tight as your waist size? 🤓

Wedding Guest Book

It doesn’t take long for wedding guest lists to get out of hand quick! You may begin with only wanting a certain number of guests, but by the time all necessary parties have their input on the guest list, you’re wondering how in the world you will accommodate all those people.

Don’t worry, we've got the tips you need to make sure you only invite the most important people in your life:

Identify essential family members. These are family members who it’s an absolute non-negotiable that they are invited to the wedding. You don’t have to invite your mama’s cousin’s baby daddy that you’ve never even met before.

Prioritize friends with whom you have a deep relationship. We all have acquaintances and friends we see in certain social circles, but keep the list to those few friends who you would consider to be your true friends, your ride or dies!

Keep religious or political affiliations in check and don't merely add guests to be polite.

Only allow for plus ones. This can also mean limiting children invited to the wedding. Be specific when addressing the invitations. And if you are opting for an adults only event, include a blurb like on your invitations or on your wedding website that states your ceremony and reception are for adults only.

Don’t invite co-workers. Unless your co-worker falls under the category of friends with whom you have a deep relationship, it’s best not to invite co-workers when trying to cut down on your guest list.

Invite only those that hold a special place in your hearts and do not feel obligated just because they were invitees to other weddings.

You know what's best for your big day so go ahead, make that precise guest list! Let true love fill the room 😊👰

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