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Plan a Memorable Wedding With These 2023 Wedding Themes

If you’re still in the throes of planning, but want a wedding to be remembered, you might want to consider one of these exciting ideas for wedding themes!

2023 is all about unique and creative wedding themes, and here are some of our/my top picks:

Enchanted Forest. Create a fairytale-like atmosphere with an enchanted forest theme. Imagine lush greenery, floral arches, fairy lights, and a dreamy ambiance. It's perfect for couples who love nature and want to incorporate it into their wedding.

Enchanted Forest Photo Backdrop

Rustic Romance. Rustic weddings are still going strong, but with a twist. This year's trend is all about combining rustic elements with romance. Think wood accents, candles, and vintage-inspired decor. It's the perfect theme for a countryside wedding.

Rustic Romance Mobile Bar

Art Deco Glam. If you're looking for something more glamorous, an Art Deco-inspired wedding is the way to go. Think metallics, geometric shapes, and luxurious textures. This theme is perfect for couples who want a classic and elegant wedding.

Art Deco Wedding Theme

Bohemian Chic. Bohemian weddings are still in style, but with a chic and modern twist. Incorporate earthy tones, macrame accents, and dreamcatchers. This theme is perfect for couples who want a laid-back and whimsical wedding.

Destination Wedding. After a hiatus, destination weddings are back! Whether you're planning a beach wedding in Bali or a vineyard wedding in Italy, a destination wedding is a perfect way to have a unique and memorable wedding experience.

We hope these wedding themes inspire you to create a wedding that reflects your unique style and personality. If you need any help or advice, we/I would love to chat!


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