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Practical Ways to Save Money While Planning Your Dream Wedding

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Piggy bank bride

Many brides struggle with juggling a budget while trying to plan their dream wedding. Sometimes, when you say “yes” to one thing you’re really saying “no” to another. When working with our brides, we emphasize focusing on what means the most to them.

That’s why you might want to consider letting go of some “traditional” Wedding Day staples so you can include things you really want.

So here’s a few ways you might be able to save some $$$ while still planning your Big Day:

1. Save The Dates

Listen, save the dates can be super cute! Especially, when they include a dreamy engagement photo. However, with the cost of stationery and postage these days, it’s not a gotta-have. Free alternatives include creating an event page on Facebook or setting up a free wedding website. You can still post your engagement pictures and keep guests up to date with any announcements or changes. While your closest family and friends may hang the save the date on their fridge, more than likely a lot of them get tossed in the trash.

2. Programs

Programs are another traditional wedding element that typically get discarded. If working within a tight budget, you don’t need to print out 150+ programs that end up being dumped or trashed (sorry, it’s true). Instead, use a chalk board or other signage as they enter the venue that gives a run-down of your itinerary.

3. Place Cards

It won’t make or break your guests experience to have their names on elaborate place cards. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a seating chart if you really want one - but again, you can use a chalk board or other signage to show who sits where.

4. *Generic* Guest Books

There are so many new, trendy ways for guests to sign their names at the wedding that can be really fun. However, if you have a run-of-the-mill guest book you’ll find that *only* about half of your guests will sign and it’s not something most Brides really look back on.

5. Slideshow of Memories

Guests are there to celebrate YOUR special day but a slideshow of you and your beloved can cost $$$ and take a lot of time to prep. Instead put up a display in a corner that guests can browse if you really want to show off those early memories.

6. Bouquet & Garter Toss

Do not feel like you have to do both. Or either, if you don’t feel comfortable. It isn’t necessary (we promise your guests won’t talk about it later). Do what you want on your Wedding Day if certain traditions don’t make sense to you.

7. Wedding Favors

Here in the South, we have a strong tradition of giving favors or small tokens of appreciation to our guests. Favors can be tricky though. A lot of times you’ll see most of them left behind on the tables after your guests go home and you’ll be frustrated that you spent money when you could’ve poured that cash into something more useful. That’s why we recommend providing a unique experience for your guests instead. Mobile bars, dessert displays, flower carts are all trendy alternatives to investing in your guests.

8. Have a Smaller Wedding Cake

Obviously smaller cakes cost less money, but they also happen to be on trend. Even if you have a lot of guests, you can cut the smaller cake for the photos and have sheet cake in the prepping area to be served to your guests.

9. Rent Your Wedding Gown

Okay, okay. We know that most brides dream of having their own wedding dress…. That perfect dress. However, wedding dresses can be really expensive for something you will wear one time. Then you have to worry about storing and preserving the dress after the wedding. And what are the odds that at some point someone else will want to wear the dress that you pass down? That’s more and more brides are opting for renting their dresses instead.

10. Have a Smaller Wedding Party

Having a smaller wedding party can save money by reducing expenses for wedding-party gifts, bouquets & Boutonnières, transportation, and the rehearsal dinner.

11. Order Seasonal Flowers and Food

Choosing seasonal flowers and food can save money because they are more readily available, easier to source, and the costs of transporting the goods is lower.

Of course, the above list CAN be a lot of fun to create and can certainly help create a fun atmosphere. So, if you have the cash, then we say GO FOR IT! But if not, don’t lose sleep and just cut the expense.

We want your special day to be as magical as you envisioned. If creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests is something you are DREAMING about for your wedding day, we’d love to make it happen.

Want to find out if you can say “I DO” to our specialty event props and mobile bar tending services? Book a call or reply to this email and let’s chat.


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