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Stock The Bar Parties: An Alternative to Traditional Wedding Showers

Stock The Bar Party
Stock The Bar Party Decor from Oriental Trading Company

Have you ever heard of Stock The Bar Parties? They’ve been gaining in popularity over the past few years, and we are here for them! So basically, a Stock the Bar Party is typically a co-ed party where guests bring gifts of alcohol or alcohol-centric gifts to stock the couples at home bar. Many couples who may not want a traditional bridal shower (maybe they already live together and already have all their household goods, or maybe they just don’t want all the traditional pomp and circumstance that comes along with weddings) are opting for this really fun alternative. Some people refer to these parties as a “groom’s shower” and replace the well-known “honey-do” shower with a Stock the Bar party. Since we love all things related to cocktails, we’ve been doing some research on these amazing little soirees, and we’ve made a list of tips for throwing your own amazing Stock The Bar party.

Tip #1

Gold Bar Cart

Hosts of the Stock the Bar party typically provide a bar cart or small bar for the party. It typically serves as the “gift table”, or they can be used to feature a neat display or serving station of a signature cocktail served at the party. Bar carts can be found on Amazon or Wayfair for pretty cheap, or you can rent a fabulous cart from a local company (*ahem…. Like Sips To Soirees).

Tip #2

No need to go all out on catering. Serving finger foods and desserts are typically perfect for these types of parties. How many times have you gone out for dinner with your friends, got to the restaurant, ordered some cocktails and appetizers, and then you were not really even hungry anymore for dinner? The whole point of this kind of party is to really focus on the social aspect of the event.

Tip # 3

Have lots of water available. Since cocktails are the focus of this type of party, your guests will likely all be consuming alcohol. Having a lot of water available for guests to drink in between alcohol is really important to keeping everyone safe. Water helps to keep the body hydrated (while alcohol dehydrates) reducing the hangover feeling, but it also helps pace the consumption of alcohol during drinking.

Tip #4

Plan some party games. Do you have a favorite game to play with a group of friends? This would be a great party to play them. You could even have a cocktail themed game like match the liquor to the cocktail.

Tip #5

Have a creative theme. Not every decoration has to say “Stock the Bar”. With a quick google search you’ll find Stock the Bar party decor like banners, napkins, etc. Those are perfectly fine to use, but you can also get creative and use a play on words. For example, you can have a “Drunk in Love” or a “Love is Brewing” brewing theme.

Stock The Bar Party Theme

Tip #6

Mimosa Bar

Serve a Signature Cocktail. Pick one or two cocktails to feature at the party. Set up a cute serving station with garnishes, paper straws, swizzle sticks and more. If it’s a margarita you can have a salt or sugar rimming setup. There are so many ways to make a memorable setup for your guests.

Tip #7

Hire a professional bartender. Whenever serving alcohol at an event, it’s always a good idea to have a professional there to serve the guests. Not only is the bartender there to monitor consumption, a professional bartender will be licensed and insured to reduce liability and ensure everyone has a safe and fun time. Having a bartender serving your guests also gives the impression that your party is extra-boujie… and who doesn’t love extra-boujie?

Now that you know our tips to throwing an amazing Stock the Bar party, let us know how we can help you throw your own!


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