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The Top Trends Predicted for 2023

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Over the last couple of weeks, wedding experts have been releasing predictions for what the top wedding and event trends will be in 2023.

In December, Pinterest released its Pinterest Predicts 2023 that highlights the top trends that Pinterest expects to see in 2023. Here are a few that we found interesting:

Orange Hues For Flowers

Rust colors will be popular for weddings. Based on searches through the platform, Pinterest predicts that hues of terracotta, copper, burnt sienna and oranges will be the color of choice for brides in 2023.

Dog Birthday Party

Pool pawties are in! Looks like people will be ditching the kid focused parties and focusing on their fur babies. Boomers and Gen X are focusing their attention on the pets of the house. Searches for dog birthday parties were up 65% and DIY dog backyard areas were up 490%.

The YOLO Years. Boomers and Gen X are living by the carpe diem mantra and celebrating milestones. Coming through the pandemic, people are appreciating milestones reached and throwing big parties to celebrate.

Parties to celebrate milestones.

Fancy mocktails

Free Spirits. Gen X are thinking about alcohol in a whole new way. Pinterest predicts that fancy mocktails, cocktails, and low abv (alcohol by volume) drinks. Mocktail bars and drinks with fancy garnishes will be big in 2023. Gen X are drinking on their own terms and we love it!

On January 11th, Wedding Pro released their 2023 Trend Predictions. While we loved hearing about all the new trends coming, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites. Focusing on the guest experience is a growing priority, so it was interesting to see how these trends were focused on enhancing that experience.

Mirror Welcome Sign For Wedding

Unique Wedding Tents. We are loving this trend. Couples are moving away from the traditional white tents and focusing on unique tent materials and decor.

Statement Signage. We can attest to this trend. Unique wedding signage for menus, seating charts and welcome signs are extremely popular. Especially the acrylic and mirrored signs.

Residential Decor. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we LOVE this trend. More and more wedding designs are featuring residential elements like furniture, lighting, rugs, etc.

Color/ Decor Themes. Wedding Pro predicts that the decor themes get interesting with the most popular themes being barbicore, butterflies, western, and disco-inspired.

Are you a bride that likes to follow the trends, or do you like to do things your own way?


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